Reviews & Testimonials

 We were so LUCKY to find Jennifer! She is professional, trustworthy and GREAT with dogs! My husband and I have complicated work schedules and Jennifer was able to accommodate us each week for repeat visits. When she stopped in to visit with and walk our Chessie, Wrigley, we got text and picture updates on how their visit went. She stopped by for an hour each week and we never had to worry about her not stopping by or not staying the full hour - she is very reliable. Jennifer has even been able to stop by last minute when I had picked up an extra shift at work. As a bonus, Jennifer would sometimes bring her sweet golden over so Wrigley got some playing time. We are so sad she moved away, but Jennifer loves her Job and Wrigley so much that we have visits scheduled for when she returns home for the holidays. She even adjusted her schedule to come back a few days early just to accommodate our schedule! I don't know of another dog sitter/walker out there that would do that! Would HIGHLY recommend her!      ~  Lauren Vaitukaitis   

                                                                       Jennifer  is honest and respectful. I trusted her right away to stay a week in my house and my dog was well taken care of. I have been using her ever since. Jennifer is both energetic and knowledgeable which is a great fit for my Shay Shay. We are so lucky to have found her! 

Jennifer Andrews


 Knowledgeable and efficient

"Over the holidays this past winter, I waswas fortunate to have the services of Jennifer Elder, the owner of Lucky Dog pet sitting, to tend my pets.
My 2 cats and 1 dog did great in her care and I was completely comfortable with her in my home while I was away. When we had our initial meeting and while she met my "kids", Jennifer taught me a few new tricks about dealing with unknown animals (such as by chewing gum, humans can "erase" the fear vibe and put dogs at ease). Clearly she knows her way around all kinds of pet situations! While I was away, Jennifer kept me up to date whenever I texted with inquiries and she made me a thorough journal of her visits for me to read on my return.
I look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her services to others needing a knowledgeable, efficient and loving pet sitter.
- Elisa Behnk (human Mom to Bundle, Toby & a turtle)



Our Dogs Love Her!

We have been using Jen since the winter. She is great! Our dogs love her!She is very flexible and is attentive to our dogs' needs as well as easily accessible by phone or texting. She follows all of our instructions and the dogs' routines. She even sends pictures of Mookie and Coda. 
Jen always makes time to fit us in even when it's last minute. The dogs get plenty of play time and snuggles. She is a true dog lover!"
- Shari


Eager To Please & Responsible

"Jennifer cared for the pets of 2 of my regular clients and they were both pleased with her services. One client described her as "Eager to please and responsible". In the short amount of time that I have known her, Jennifer seems very dedicated to her profession."
- Corinne Docca, Pet Care Provider 



Trustworthy & Responsible

"Jennifer is an animal lover and has worked very hard to establish her business with compassion, care and the best interest of the animal as her focal point. She is honest and trustworthy and has proven to be responsible with the client's property and privacy in my experience.
Miss Elder has worked for me since January 2014. She generally does daily checks and outside playtime for our 3 dogs since we work long hours. Our pack has provided her experience with puppies and adult dogs. Recently, she stayed overnight with our dogs for a week while we were out of town. I must say, she has her hands full with our 3 "around-the-clockers" but she managed and I felt assured that she would do whatever was necessary in their best interests."
- Sharon Smith

Upbeat & Professional

 I have been using her services for almost 2 years. I am a business professional and need to travel often. Jen has been a great help with my 2 labs, Abby and Hayleigh.
Jen has been willing to go above and beyond by travelling to either Ocean City or Bethany Beach and has even offered to rearrange her schedule to accommodate my girls. She is upbeat, professional and her love of dogs shows through with her interaction with them.

​I recommend her highly and will be using her for years to come.
- Kathleen Walsh (human parent to Abby & Hayleigh 

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to share my experience with Jen, who has given exceptional care to our two dogs since August 2014.  Jen was very proactive as far as advertising herself at the local pet stores.  Every time we visited the local pet store, we would receive one of her many brochures.  Eventually a time came when we needed a new pet sitter and she was the first person to come to our mind.
When I first met Jen, I liked her right away because she had a calm, assertive demeanor about her.  She got down to our dog’s level to greet and play with them.  The dogs seemed very comfortable with her.  She also listened to my concerns about our two dogs and was willing to work hard to meet each dog’s need.
My husband and I work long hours during the week, so we needed someone to come over during the week and walk our two dogs.  We have two large dogs and she is able to walk both of them together, which is ideal for our younger dog because she can not stay home alone.  On several occasions, Jen would come over twice a day, because either I had to work well into the evening or she wanted to give the dogs a little more love, attention, or exercise.  Eventually, we asked Jen to stay at our house while we traveled over a weekend.  Jen has a strong commitment to tend to our dogs properly, which makes me feel less guilty when I have to work late.  Jen always leaves a note about her visit and has phoned when she has had concerned about the dogs.
Jen is wonderfully patient and loving with our two dogs.  You can tell that she truly cares for them as if they were her own.  She is dependable and we would highly recommend her as a pet sitter.

HeatherTaunie & Claire

 We hired Jennifer about a year ago to care for our blue healer named Shelby and our lab/boxer mix named Flacco. Both of the dogs sometimes exhibit aggressive behavior toward strangers and other dogs and I was concerned about hiring someone unfamiliar to them. When I first met Jennifer, I liked her right away, especially her calm demeanor and ability to take charge of Shelby and Flacco. They both seemed very comfortable with her.
In the year that she has worked for us, I have found her to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. She is also very accommodating with changes in schedule and always returned my phone calls and text messages promptly. She always leaves a note about her visit and has checked in with me when Flacco seemed ill or not himself.I feel she truly cares about animals an is genuinely concerned about their well-being. Flacco, Shelby and I would highly recommend her as a pet sitter.
- Kimberly S. List

 To Whom It May Concern,      Jennifer Elder of 'The Lucky Dog' has been under my employ for the past six months. She lives up to the name because my dog is truly lucky to have her. Being new to the area and attempting to navigate an unsteady, fluctuating schedule, she bent over backwards and accommodated my every need for my dog. I am Mom to a 3 pound chihuahua and as any owner of small breeds, I constantly worried about her well being. Meeting Jennifer set my mind at ease. She is truly a dog whisperer, a blessing. Working double shifts, I come home and Ava is content and doesn't give me the "where have you been!" stare. Jennifer walks her, plays with her, and makes sure she is properly watered, fed, and spoiled. I have found her services to be consistent and trustworthy for Ava's every need and would recommend her to anyone who is a dog lover as she is. As written references seem cheap I am available to call and vouch for her experience and skill anytime. 

Karen Swensen
37530 Leisure Drive
Selbyville DE


March 16, 2016

To whom it may concern,

It is a genuine pleasure to recommend Jennifer Elder and her Lucky Dog service. Jennifer has been taking care of our 13 year old beagle, Dwayne, for the past year on an "as needed" basis, usually when we need to go to Baltimore to take care of family business.  Sometimes this family business comes up suddenly, and Jennifer has always responded to our requests promptly. On one occasion, she stayed with Dwayne overnight.

At Dwayne's advanced age, he requires more care, and we have communicated well with Jennifer regarding his needs.  When we will be away all day, she has visited him more frequently and has accommodated his feeding and medication routine.  We appreciate that she will spend time with him.  When we return home, we can tell he has not been stressed.

It is comforting to know that we can call on Lucky Dog when we need.


Valerie Shephard

Ocean Pines

It is such a pleasure to write this review for Jennifer and the service she provides with her business, The Lucky Puppies.
In the year that she has taken care of my dog Callie, I have found Jennifer to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. She has done overnight stays in my home, along with daily walks while I am at work. Callie is a senior dog and needs medication administered, along with frequent potty breaks. Jennifer always gives me peace of mind knowing that my fur baby is being taken care of like she is one of her own. Jennifer always leaves a note about her visit and replies to text messages and phone calls in a timely fashion.
Jennifer truly cares about animals and is genuinely concerned about their well being. I highly recommend her services and we miss her here in Maryland!

So many happy pets, and just not enough room.

 Willing to offer more references upon request at meet and greet