Policies & Procedures


Accommodation Policy:

The Lucky Puppies Pet Services, with the exception of our overnight stays, operates within a two-hour window for each of our visits. We cannot guarantee an exact time of our arrival. If you do request a time, WE WILL do what we can to accommodate you.  Special Needs Pets are first priority.

Emergency Veterinary Visits:

All clients prior to going away should make arrangements with their veterinarians and let them know that they are under the care of the lucky puppy pet sitting Services. IF an emergency arises, we will do everything we can to reach you.  At the meet and greet we do provide you with a Veterinary Release to set an amount, also what to do if there is a life and death decision, and what necessary arrangements to be made.

This is only in place for emergencies. to put ur mind at ease. 

Denial of Service:

The Lucky Puppies  Pet Services reserves the right to deny service or terminate service because of safety concerns, financial concerns, or inappropriate or uncomfortable situations.

Cancellation Policy:

The Lucky puppies Pet Services does NOT GIVE REFUNDS OR CREDITS for vacation pet care. If more than 72 hours is given for trip cancellation with a valid reason, of course (Family emergency, etc.) a credit will be applied. The credit is valid for one year. In the event of an early return from a trip, no refunds are given as we have reserved that time for your pet care. Cancellations for dog walking must made 24 hours prior to the dog walk. Less than 24 hours and you will still be charged for your walk. Requiring half deposit booking charge for any cancellation more than 24 hours! 

 Payment: Payment is due when you leave for your vacation for visits and overnights.Overnight Stays: We require a 50% non refundable deposit. (in less of emergency or understandable matter in reason) Once booked, we cannot book anybody else, so that limits the amount of other clients we can serve.  Holiday Cancellation Policy:Holidays include: Easter, the weekends of  President’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Year’s Weeks.  These are our busy times and space is limited. All cancellations must be made within 30 days of the first scheduled visit.  If you do not cancel, you will be responsible for the entire amount you book.  No exceptions.  We will send you an invoice for the time and it is to be paid promptly.   No payment, we have the right to refuse service with you and any future visits. 

To all, Please understand that these policies are only in place to make everything smooth in offering the best care possible for everyone. The Lucky Puppies pet sitting and walking, are flexible and understanding. In many circumstances policy and procedures are never even really brought up, however they are in place for a reason. As much as we here would love to do everything for free and not have any rules to things, because of how much we are passionate about the animals, this is a business and we have to survive to continue offering loving, safe, reliable care to all the fur babies!!