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ABOUT JENNIFER & her Assistant Miss Bella

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am the owner and sole operator of The Lucky Puppies. I have been pet sitting since 2011 and have LOVED every minute of it. Recently moved to Florida to expand my cliental. I consider it more of a passion than a job. My clients, pets and their humans, are like family to me.

I grew up around animals my entire life. My whole family, my Mother especially, are all huge animal lovers! When I was very young, I had the opportunity to go and pick out my first puppy. The whole litter was absolutely adorable, but instantly I connected with one puppy - whom later I named Ginger. Its kinda funny because my mom fell in love with a different dog and ended up getting her sister, which she named Domino. Together we raised them, Ginger was the most amazing dog.  She was like "Lassie". She would meet me after school, and was so smart! Later on, after the dogs were grown, my Mom, sadly, ended up giving Domino away to a family with a yard. Not that it didn't hurt us to do this. but it was in Domino's best interest. 

My Mom, whom is my biggest admirer and person I follow in my endeavors. She always said I had some kind of connection with animals - that I was just born with.

 I knew... later in life, after rescuing dogs and having many events with the Humane Society and other organizations, I was involved with in my area, I decided to open a business surrounded by my passion. How lucky am I?!?! Shortly after, I decided to go the route I did with Ginger years ago, because I wanted to train my dog to be like a side kick. Hehe, because lets face it, I am so lucky to be in this business. How cool would it be to bring my dog with me to work everyday? My Mom went with me again to pick out a new puppy, immediately I knew that Bella was the dog for me. Mom was like, Jen this dog is gonna be huge, just look at those paws, maybe pick another... I was like, No Way!  And what do you know? SHE IS!! She is now three years old, great with assisting me in play dates, overnight stays and has been a great joy... She is the Love Of My Life. I also love rescuing, that will be my next venture.

I would love to add your pets to my heart, don't worry there is room for all



To most pet lovers, your animals are much more than pets, they are a part of the family. They  capture our hearts, share our homes, and in many cases are given the same status as our  children.  

We understand that choosing the right care for them is an important decision.  Our pledge has  always been to care for everyone's "kids" the way we would for our own.  

The Lucky Puppy understands that you are not able to be with your "kids" all day, every  day, but you can help them to be more content during the times you are away with our loving  care.  


Most pets are happiest and most comfortable in their own surroundings.  We strive to maintain  your pet's normal daily activities. We provide unconditional love to your "babies" while you are  away.  


Over all, it is my opinion, and job, to make sure your pets are in the best care, where you have nothing to worry about! Safety is very important, along with playtime, and love! Everything you would do while you're at home except its like Grandma coming to visit! 

I plan to spoil YOUR babies! 

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